On March 8th till March 11th 2018 Floor Ziegler and Quinta Verheul have organized workshops about the roles of community planners in leading the city into a better living place, in Taipei – Taiwan.
Floor got an invitation to share her placemaking experience in Taipei – Taiwan. The goal was for her to exchange her experiences place making and share her working methods, with local groups of community planners. This entire project was called “Way to Community” and was organized by the Taipei Urban Regeneration Office.

The “Way to Community” project was a project with the goal to broaden knowledge about placemaking in Taipei. The project consisted of multiple workshops by several international placemaking practitioners from Europe, US and South-East Asia. These workshops focussed on participatory design and community empowerment.

Floor participated in this project and shared her experience and working methods with local placemaking practitioners. They worked together with the goal to open up a “POPUP SHOP’ in the Datong District, with as a goal to have a place to share experiences at.

In those three days there was a lot of exchanging experiences and ideas from two countries with very different cultures, Taiwan and the Netherlands, which led to very interesting outcomes every now and then. On the last day they spoke with Taiwanese residents at the Pop-up Shop in the Datong District, while enjoying a stroopwafel (a famous Dutch waffle).